Served every day, open to close

Brisket Sandwich  $9.00
House smoked brisket, crispy onions and house BBQ sauce on a Pearl bun     

The Burnside  $9.00
House roasted beef, jalapenos, red peppers, cheese whiz, crispy onions and pickles

Char siu braised pork, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno and pickled daikon & carrot   

Deli Sandwich  $8.50
Turkey, swiss or cheddar, roma tomato, red onion, shredded lettuce and pesto aioli on paesano

Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich  $9.00
Smoked chicken salad, bacon, cheddar, roma tomato and avocado on paesano bread

Lil' Ray's  $6.00
Egg, cheddar and your choice of sausage, bacon, capicola or tomato & spinach on a Pearl bun with Sriracha

Veggie Deluxe  $8.50
Sauteed kale, red peppers, garlic, mozzarella and grilled onions on a hoagie roll

Classic Burger  $8.50
Grilled beef, bacon, cheddar, shredded lettuce and thin red onion

Big Chesse  $9.50
American cheese, burger sauce, pickles and thin sliced red onion 

BBQ Burger  $9.50
House made BBQ sauce, cripsy onions, fried jalapeno, bacon and pepperjack

Breakfast Burger  $10.50
Bacon, egg, cheddar, avocado and tomato on a  toasted Pearl bun

Grilled Cheese  $4.00
Cheddar & mozzeralla

PB&J  $3.00


Chili Cheese Dog  $6.50
Our house made chili, cheese whiz and diced white onions on top of a 100% all beef dog on a buttery Pearl bun

NW King  $5.50
Deep fried hot dog, cheese whiz, pickled jalapeno and bacon

BBQ Dog  $5.50
Mayo, BBQ sauce, fried onion and fried jalapeno

Walk the Line  $4.50
Yellow mustard and relish

Breakfast?  $5.50
Philly cream cheese, grilled onion and spicy mustard

Cubano Dog  $5.50
Ham, swiss, spicy mustard and pickle

Reuben Dog  $4.50
Sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing

Dick's Dog  $4.50
Mustard, relish, onion


Side Fry  $2.00

Regular Fry  $3.50

Chili Cheese Fries  $6.50
With house chili and whiz

House Made Chili  $4.00
Texas style chili made with our house smoked brisket

All bread provided by Pearl Bakery and delivered fresh 7 days a week.